How to create an easy “Strong” password

Passwords are a pain in the ass, no doubt about it! But what if you used a pattern similar to one you use every day?

The email password pattern

An email can be broken down into two major parts and then further broken down into two more parts. Reading it sounds hard, but we use it all the time.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

  • {john}.{doe}@{gmail}.{com}
  • {sallyfields}@{hotmail}.{com}

Convert the email into a password

Round 1

  • {j0hN}-{Do3}@{Pmai7}-{c*m}
  • {sA77yfielD$}@{h0tmai!}-{c*M}

Round 2

  • {j0hN-Do3}@{Pmai7-c*m}
  • {sA77yfielD$}@{h0tmai!-c*M}

Round 3

  • j0hN-Do3@Pmai7-c*m
  • sA77yfielD$@h0tmai!-c*M

And there you have a ridiculous looking password that almost looks readable.


These examples are a little over the top hard, but at the same time too easy to spot to the human eye. However the concept is sound. Take the following empty pattern and fill it with an easy password you can remember.


You can also swap out the @ sign or the – for any number of symbols. The pattern is totally flexible while the concept remains the same.

The WordPress Loop Presentation

I am giving the following presentation at WordCamp St Louis this weekend, March 1st, and this is what I’ll be talking on. There are a few links to the resources below.

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