A Little JQuery

I took some of my first little baby steps into some JQuery,,, wooHoo,, although I will openly admit this is not a huge deal or any kind of a breakthrough,,, its just fun…

the tick has my backI’ve had this waiting on my back burner for about 2 months and I just haven’t had the time to test it, and wouldn’t you know it I only spent about a half hour on it…
If I’d realized that I probably would have done this a long time ago.

So that’s it,, if you’re not sure what’s going on here with this post go to my little side bar in the top left and click on the ‘tags’ or ‘links’, and don’t fall off you seat when you’re dazzled… im just kidding)

Let me just through this out there for all you wordpress-logo-15.pngguys, if you’re going to use libraries for your sites you should look in wp_enqueue_script() as a way to call your js files… There are a lot of conflicts out there from other Plugins so this will help clean up the mess.

Although if you are really wondering where this came from than you should go and read some of the magnificent Tuts over at Nettuts. They do a great job of laying out some of the basics the new web…


VC Green

Well, I woke up this morning and had no thought what so ever of doing this, but then I sat down and went to write a post and blam I realized I needed a freshening up on the old blog look… I know I probably shouldn’t change things around so much, but hey where’s the creativity in that.

Besides this is VisualComa, if I’m not trapped in some type of Visually Creative venture than I’m probably watching Cartoons or something. which by the way I just got Samurai Jack,,, it’s cool

Anyway, I get the feeling I’ve left out a few things in my haste, but I’m not too concerned about it. Just think of me as one of those mechanics that drives the crappy car around when I spend all day working on nice cars…

OH, and if you’re in IE6 than you are totally screwed,,, I decided about 5 seconds into this design that I just don’t care about IE6. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with it when I’m on the job,, so tough luck. sorry mom, use dads computer or click on the little fox I put on your desktop :-)

So yeah thats it, hope you like it…

Living with 3 Other Guys

I’ve been living in Franklin Tn for about 2 months now and I’ve got 3 Guy roomies. Two of us are next door to 30 and above, and the other two are next door to 20, which makes for a pretty big gap. It would be one thing if the gap was 15 to 20 yrs because then you get that obvious generational difference and if it was less than 5yrs than we’d all be the same age.

NO, were all just about that age difference where not sure if the other person is crazy or just stupid. then again maybe its just me… i have a tendency to lean toward the odd side…

Here’s the deal.
I look back at when i was 20-23 and there is no way that guy and I would live in the same house. I don’t think there would be a fight, I just think one of us would quietly move out without telling the other person why.

If you met yourself from 10yrs ago and didn’t know it was you, would you be able to deal with yourself… Or would you want to punch yourself in the face?

I probably wouldn’t punch myself, but I would probably see myself as an idiot.

Smart Move Twitter

Every now and then I get someone that wants to follow me on Twitter, and every so often I’ll go and see who they are and why they could possibly what to follow me. Most of the time is a random spammer and every now and then it’s a girl covering her breasts… what?

Here was Twitters response:

This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity.
If this is your account, or for more information about why an account may be suspended, see Suspended Accounts.


Well done Twitter,,,