Paving Shenanigans

I don’t really have much to say about this accept that you’ll have to watch the whole thing… (paving was always a pain in my butt, although the guys I worked with made it worth it.)

My Family on the Web

I come from a pritty big Family and it can be hard to keep up on everything from which city to how many kids, but it seems as though most of us out on the go and the ones that don’t live in Auburn or the surrounding areas have created ourselves a little spot on the web. Here they are…

the scharenberg familyThe Scharenberg Family
This is my sis and her husband, they have been writing about a year now. It’s always funny to see what shenanigans the kids are getting themselves into.

ReadersCircle.orgReaders Circle (my older brother)
This is my older brother he has not quite moved into the writing arena of the web just yet due to his success with You could only imagine the expectation of post quality the people from his community might expect. (I would get burned alive) Regardless of him not having a blogging community he has created an actually face to face community, and if you live with in 100mi of any major city there is a good chance your going to find a group of people who have met through his site. It’s a really good site, very simple and very focused. (one of these days I’ll get him writing)

_MG_8459.jpgThe Hicks Family
This is my brother and his wife (I don’t think my brother writes on here), They’ve been writing about a year. My brother also write at New Havenworth about his work as a Grad Student/teacher at UMASS. (he’s a Theatrical Lighting Designer – he’s pretty good at it.)

the BarkersThe Barkers
This is one of my other sisters and her husband, they just started writing since mass emails seems to be getting annoying to her. They are in the process of moving to Japan and so far so good. Also check out, it’s my sis’s photo site. She and her husband both graduated from Brooks Photography in Santa Barbara Ca. I keep telling her to be taking some killer photos during their move, but apparently there are more important things than taking photos things like making sure they get to Japan. (I guess getting there is more important – a photo journal of not getting to japan isn’t as exciting as actually getting there)

So there you have it, me included thats 5 out of seven. Now all we need to do is get the other two online and were golden. Anyway thats my online Family, so if you’re into family blogs check them out…


flock.pngHere is a Browser you’ve probably heard of Flock. Powered by Mozilla it was built with built with people like bloggers in mind. If you are still using Internet Explorer perhaps you should look into this.

Here is a little of what they have to say…

Flock is a consumer Internet business which has developed a free, next generation web browser. The web, and the way people engage online, has evolved dramatically over the past decade. But web browsers – the application that fundamentally enables online experiences and services across ones’ connected life – have not kept pace.

Flock is focused on fundamentally evolving the browser, bringing a refreshing new approach to how people use and participate on the web and simplifying social and web-based applications by bringing them one step closer to the user and integrating them directly into the browser.

Do You Want a Job?

Lately I’ve been doing way to much work and I’ve got people coming at me from all sides. All this means is that I’ve had more offers than I can handle and some offers I just don’t want to handle. What do you do when you just don’t have time to do all the work available. You find someone else…

Let me say this strait up front. These jobs I’m talking about are not related to Skorinc, these are jobs completely out side the Skorinc Network. This is something I’ve been debating for a little bit, but I’m still not sure how to work it.

First things first, how many developers that occasionally stop off here are looking for a project and do you think your up for dealing with picky clients?

trash-can.pngThere are many technical issues that I have worked out in my head, but I want to see if their is a response. Oh and just so you know, this project is primarily based on using WordPress as CMS. Sure we could do other things, but I’m not a master of much so if you say you can do something you better mean it.

In the end, I’m just looking to connect people with people and alleviate my need to say “No” to people. Leave a comment or send me an email if you’re interested, and we’ll get something going if there’s an interest.

New Theme – Elijah Stephen


This was probably one of the most painless projects I’ve ever done, and I have to say I’m really happy with it. I think there are a few things that I could probably spend a couple of weeks tweeting and finessing, but for the most part I think it’s a winner.

Honestly I think this theme would see it greatest potential if IE6 were dead, but hey what are you going to do.

So hey everyone go over and say hi, Elijah is a great guy and I’m kinda excited to see what he does. Oh, and if you see something that is broken let me know.

New Theme – Joy Whitlock

Here is a little something that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. We’ve been seriously putting in the hours lately on getting things done and making sure they work. (cross my fingers)


There are lot of things we did for this theme that I don’t think anyone will really notice, but on the back end there are a few things I created that I’m hoping to be able to work into a master theme someday.

Anyway, go by say hi and listen to some of her music. I think you will enjoy it.