Is that WP 2.7 ???

wplogo-notext-rgb.pngAs some of you know I’m huge WordPress fan and sort of a Dork about it, and many of you know that there is a huge update coming out soon. Could be this week, who knows??? None the less I decided to go ahead and update my blog and see what happens. Nothings happened…

I’m sure there are plenty of reasons to wait for the stable release to update a blog that has major worth and needs a good solid stable WP to run it, but not here. I’m usually running things about half mast, unfortunately I put all my time into other peoples work.

All the same, I can honestly say WP2.7 is going to be a great release. I’ve been building my themes with it for the last 3 weeks, since before the beta 1 release and now I can’t stand going into 2.6. In fact I just spent the last hour cleaning up my categories and using the “quick edit” options and “bulk edit” option.

Admin Navigation has been cut in half, How?… Now there is one click to get to widgets instead of two or possibly three. Upload and install Plugins strait from the Plugins page. (although the plugins search is still just as crap as ever so good luck with that outside of the most popular plugins) All pages are customizable with “Screen Options” and moveable pallets. Not to mention they got some handy little icons that are kinda nice.


I’ll admit there is always room for improvement and I can already think of a few, but I’m not about to bitch about such an awesome upgrade. :cool:

Winter Theme

layout-winter.jpgIt’s almost winter here, in fact the weather has shifted quite a bit and I felt the change so much I decided to find a new background image. Hope you like it.

Truth is, even though you may not be able to tell, this is actually a completely New Theme based on a Parent Child Structure I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. I’m really excited to see it develop. There is also one other feature I am trying out that you’ll see in the comments section. It’s a comment system running through Intense Debate.

At first it was a tough call between Intense Debate && Discus (which was recommended by Christopher Doherty of Lightvox) but scales were tipped when I remembered that Intense Debate is owned by Automattic.

Let me know what you think of the new comments section. I’m not totally sold on it yet, but I expect IntenseDebate to go through some serious overhauls through out the next year as WordPress and Automattic continue to gain speed.

A Bad Day for the Web

So where do you go when your Internet takes a crap and you really need to make some emails or work on a site that needs a good FTP Connection. Well, if you’re in Franklin, Tn you go to Merridees or Maxximo Jo’s. So here I am and wouldn’t you know it, the site I need access to is doing some re-configuring and I can’t connect to it via FTP.

I suppose you can call it a mandatory break from work.


Spam + Eggs = OK

If you’ve never tried Spam than you should give it a shot. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had it but I’m sure I have. The only thing I really remember when I think about spam is Backpacking and a few Monty Python Sketches about it.

Although I can tell you now from experience now that a can of Spam and 4 Eggs is too much for one sitting…


WP2.7 Parent Child Themes

As some of you folks out there know WP2.7 is getting closer. (im not sure how close, I haven’t been keeping up on the news) There’s a lot of new stuff and a fresh new admin section. I’ve been following the updates through the nightly builds, testing out some new theme options that come with this 2.7. New Comment Features which you should check out. here, here, & here. oh yeah and a Demo.

My Big Excitement!!! :cool:

WP 2.7 has a some new features for their Parent Child Theme operations, the biggest of which to me is the use of template pages in your child theme that override the Parent Theme. (what are Parent Child Thems??? read here & here)

This is a big deal because now Designers can concentrate their efforts on a master Parent Theme that can handle multiple layouts, better functions, admin options, special template pages && special loops. Every thing can be controlled from the child theme functions page and css. (im not talking about distributed work here, this is all in-house stuff)

What Have I Done 8-O

What I did was build a house without putting it together. Using actions you can put anything anywhere from the functions page. You can even create special loop(s); give it a query, format the loop contents and insert it into any available action. (i freaking wet my pants when i figured that one out)

Why does this matter?

If your HTML and CSS frame work are solid and you don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. Than all you’re adding are Functions, Usability and New Features. You can continually be adding and adding to your Parent Theme’s capabilities with out having to worry about what it looks like.

And!!! if you have three different sites all using the same Parent Theme but different Child Themes you can Update all three at once vs going into each one and messing with core stuff that’s irritating and tedious.

Things to Remember!!!

Don’t jump on this train to quick and start blindly into the tunnel. Do a little research first see what others have done and try and figure out why they did it.

For me the Best Example of a great Parent Theme is Thematic by Ian Stewart… ;-) The biggest help I found was that after seeing what was under the hood I realized I already had everything I needed I just had to organize it and simplify it.

Do your homework… and no this theme is not a child… this theme was a one night stand with an iStock photo… mmmm yummy iStock…


The Cycle Of Construction

computer_construction.pngHave you ever found yourself in a position of Learning? I’m talking about that point where you could literally go back on your work every week.

Not to say your work or my work isn’t worth it’s weight, but none the less you feel as though there is a definite learning curve going on here.

I can absolutely admit that with every project I complete I’ve learned so much that I could start over by the time I’m finished.

When’s the last time you felt like you were in a position of learning? Or,,, Are you in one now?