Here are a few things floating around in my head this morning. Be sure to read a little about my friend Andrew White ↓ down below. (cause he’s going to be your President someday)

We had a good time last night chatten it up over at AreWeStillCool. I almost missed it cause I was watching Prince Caspian. For those of you who weren’t there cause you a chicken than I’m calling you Yellow. You are really missing out on a lot of good conversations and some basic Networking of silly ideas.

So I have a Love / Hate Relationship with PHP. Today is one of the days that I love PHP. The simplest things pop in my head that would like to do, and then BAM!!! I realize that it’s really easy with a few lines of PHP code.

Finally I want to let everyone know that Portland is Awesome. It’s rainy here today and low 60′s, but just a few day ago it was 95. I love that! I love the fact that it could rain anytime. CA, it’s not like that. Summer hits and you’re screwed. How’s Tennessee in the summer???

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