How do you Walk

Walk-Sequence.pngOver many years I’ve come to notice that there are two different types of people when it comes to walking and what kind of shoes people will buy.

Type A – Light Stepper, Walks Softly, Good at being sneaky, Doesn’t wear any kind of boots unless there is a reason. (Rainy Day Boots, Work Boots, I need to kick something Boots, I’m riding a Horse Boots)

Type B – Heavy Stepper, Heel First, Jurassic Park Glass of Water, I’m Going Somewhere Now and you can Hear me, Cowboy Boots, High Heels, Boots because I like to hear myself walk…

I know these two Types exist because I am type A and my brother Jon is type B. How will you know if you are type A or type B ? Just ask your significant other.

I think that Light Steppers know that they are “Light Steppers”, but I’m just not so sure that Heavy Steppers realize that are “Heavy Steppers”. If you don’t have a significant other and your wondering if you are Type A or B there are a few test you can do.

Testing for a Type A – “Light Stepper”

  1. How many pairs of boots or high heels do you own and when do you wear them?
  2. Have you ever accidentally scared the crap out of someone and honestly didn’t mean to sneak up on them.
  3. Have you ever tried to map out a hard wood floor so you could miss the creaky boards.

Testing for a Type B – “Heavy Stepper”

  1. How many pairs of boots or high heel do you own and when do you wear them?
  2. Have you ever noticed dust flakes falling from the sky as you walked through a room?
  3. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Tap Dancer, Cowboy, Eddie Munster, Terminator, Vice Principle or a person that carries a big stick.

What are your Test Results?

Video Games

927225_65959_front.jpgI know, I know, Video Games will rot you mind… Although they provide for a great little break from staring at a small screen and let you stair at a large one.

Let me just say if you like to play fun racing games that are simple this is one for you, or any one in the series of Burnout. this game is not grand turismo

Weeks ReCap Based on Smilies

There is a lot in my head right now so here is a quick list of what been going on.

  • Projects

    1. The Katinas ;)
    2. Jeff Johnson ;)
    3. Linda McIntosh :o
    4. Melony Brown :o
    5. In Depth Booking Form :x
    6. Revamped Contact Form :?
    7. Image With Text Plugin 8) (simple yet effective)
  • Web/WordPress/Blogging World

    1. Install WordPress Nightly Builds :shock:
    2. Started listening to WordPress Weekly Podcast :cool: I’m only 23 behind
    3. Found Charlotte WordCamp :grin: I really want to go
    4. Every Call :cool:
    5. GuerrillaMail :evil:
    6. Talk Reviews :neutral:
  • Me Stuff

    1. Exercise and Stretching are My Friends :wink:
    2. Movies

      • Rocky Horror Picture Show :???:
      • Run Fatboy Run :wink:
      • Blue Velvet :shock:
      • The Princess Pride :smile:
    3. TV

      • Heroes :cool:
      • Pushing Daisies :wink:
      • The Office :eek:
    4. I ate about 15 bananas in two days. :shock:
    5. Had eggs for the first time in TN :grin: been scared of the scooter ride.
    6. Sewage is broken, showers are at an all time Low. :???:
    7. Started to go on a walk every day… :razz: exercise is good

Well that’s about it, how was your week, Easy? Fast? Painful? Fun?

Headache Update

So I realized recently that it’s not good to sit in a chair for days on end and stair at a screen at the same time. Seems like common sense right? Well I’m the type that needs to learn certain things first hand, I’m sure some of you can understand that.

Last night I found myself not able to sleep because it felt like I had been rigged to some type of torture devise that was some how connected to my tendons. You know the little strings that connect everything, kinda like puppet strings.

url.jpegWell for me it felt like some one had connected one big sting to my tendons and was pulling on that string trying to pull out all the other little stings in my body… oddly painful, but not excruciating. The words Spinal Meningitis kept rolling through my head even though I know this is totally unrelated.

So there I was thinking to my self, in a Holden Caulfield kind of way, what would I do if I had to wheel myself around all the time. It was kind of an entertaining day/night dream because I kept pretending I was that wicked smart guy that has a computer for a voice

In the end I realized I should probably just get out of the house more and maybe eat some Bananas