I found another great bit of information today about combining CSS with PHP… Now the seriously time consuming work can begin….

For those of you that may not know, who ever you are… I have been grinding my fingertips to the keys over these last 6 to 8 months developing Themes for Blog and Myself, working toward the goal of being a serious competitor in the theme industry. I am still way behind…

None the less I hit another mile stone today with fully dynamic CSS that can be administered from the Design/Themes section in WordPress. As far as theme development goes, this is a fairly standard option. I’ve just never taken the time to get into it. So, now I can spend countless hours restructuring CSS,, oh the joys of the learning curve.

BTW, if you haven’t gone over to MeRandy, you should check it out. I also want to say for those of you that have, Don’t expect anything of real content to come from there. It’s a place for me to dump my drawings, pics, and random finds that I wouldn’t post here.