woo-hoo-10000.jpgToday I got up went to check on some things here and noticed one very important item… My stat counter just clicked 10,000…

Yes, I’m kind of a stats junky, but only in the sense that it’s good to see progress. I know I’ve never had a serious message or an over all theme (apart from just trying to have fun), but I’m not to worried about it.

Just want to say thanks for the interest, you’ve made this an actual creative outlet for me… :-)

October 24, 2007 to July 11, 2008
Here are a few un-impresive stats I’ve gathered that I thought were interesting to me…


  • 391 posts
  • 65 categories
  • 399 tags

It’s just to bad I’m not cool enough to be taken seriously by Technorati… No worries, I’m not even a year old yet.

I like this chart… It’s cool to see things grow.

Referring Sites are at the top, I guess that means this community things is working.

Apparently I’m not quite a global commodity yet, heck I’m hardly even a national treasure.