They Gave Me Glasses

So after having to deal with getting a ticket and needing to get my license for Tennessee I was forced to go to the doc and get my eyes checked. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with one of my eyes, it’s called Amblyopia or commonly known as Lazy eye. Thing is my eye doesn’t drift so you wouldn’t know it. Basically I’ve just never been able to see well out of my left eye. As a kid I thought it was like being right handed, I was right eye’d too :)

I went through all the standard test that they’ve done so many times before and in the end they told me I was healthy, but that I would benefit from having some glasses. I’m a little far sited in both eyes so the glasses will come in handy for those long days on the screen. I’ve had them for about 2 weeks and they definitely do!!!!

Do you have Glasses?

Cedar Hill Park Disc Golf, Nashville TN

I finally made it out to a new course the other day. I’ve been hearing about this course for the last year or more and just never had the energy to make it out there. Cedar Hill Park just put Nashville one notch up on my scale! This disc course is really amazing, it’s on par with some of the best courses I’ve played.

The Cedar Hill Course seems to cater to every through. They have all concrete pads, well placed baskets and plenty of trees to make every shot count. For me the great thing is they have a number of very technical shots, but still have just enough long drives to let you cut loose!

Honestly, I went and checked out the course at and before I went, and from the look of it I thought this was going to be another humdrum course. Truth is the pictures I took below don’t make this course look very intimidating, all the same it’s is a challenge!

Here are some pics I took from the tees, however, I guess I forgot hole 18?

Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 1 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 2 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 3 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 4 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 5 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 6 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 7 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 8 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 9 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 10 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 11 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 12 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 13 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 14 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 15 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 16 Cedar Hill Disc Golf hole 17

WPNashville – The Nashville WordPress Community

WPNashville is here and it’s for you the Nashville WordPress Community! At this point we are flying under the radar hoping to catch all the bugs and grammar checks. We are also hoping correct anything that may not comply with the WordPress standards. Please, go and read click around and let us know if there is anything you would do better or different. We at WPNashville are trying to support and encourage the Nashville WordPress Community, not re-create it.

Here is a little of what you’ll find.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to represent Nashville to the WordPress community, and to provide the opportunity to connect with other WordPress users in the local area. We would like this community to be your resource and an alternative to endlessly scouring the internet for the tinniest answer. We hope that what is found here will fall directly in line with what you’ll read on the page.

Everything you see here, from the documentation to the code itself, was created by and for the community. –

Our Hope

Through meeting up every week or every other week we hope to provide a steady, useful group of WordPress users that are willing to help out those of us who have pulled our hair out over the simplest questions. We encourage face to face hands-on learning from friends, piers and other WordPress users. Above all we hope to encourage meeting new people. Learning WP is great, but meeting other people in your local community is made so much easier when you have something in common. Reading about other people’s lives has encourage most of us to start writing about our own, and in turn we’ve meet countless people we would have otherwise never known.

Does My Scooter Need Insurance?

So the questions is what do I need by law to be on the road with my scooter? Honestly a common sense person would tell you that you’re going to need the usual stuff, but hey I’m not your usual person. I spent the last two years under the radar thinking by 50cc Honda Ruckus didn’t need insurance & registration. HA!! That is now some what laughable and believe me I have laughed at myself quite a bit for thinking thinking it was true.

Yesterday, 7-29-10 I was pulled over twice for the expired tags. The first officer gave me a citation to fix all I needed to fix, and was willing to let me head back home with little scooter. Weeelll, I did but later that same day had a meeting across town and thought, “hey, I just got my first ticket in two years so what are the chances!”. HA!!! The chance was pretty high, apparently I was destined to have my scooter put into the system. I was pulled over about 5min from my house by a motorcycle cop.

This time there wasn’t as much sympathy for the situation. The cop was a nice guy, but he said he wasn’t going to let me slide and proceeded to have my scooter taken to the impound. He did however give me a tip, that if I was to get my scooter out of the impound with in 2hrs of it’s arrival I would save $200. (for what ever reason the price on an impound, at this place, goes up $200 after the first 2hrs, weird.)

So what did I do?

I decided that it was best to spend a little cash on a U-Haul than wait and spend even more cash on the impound. Not to mention all the hassle of finding a truck that can haul the scooter. In the end I spent about $50 on U-Haul and about $100 on the impound. Yeah that sucks, and makes me some what of a dumbass for not taking care of business sooner, but I seem to learn the hard way a lot of the time.

What’s the point?

Now you know, your 50cc scooter needs Insurance & Registration.