Using the blank.gif

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with IE6 and why do I even care. Then I remember that literally millions of people out there are just too ignorant, and don’t even realize that IE is not the only option. I’ve got to hand it to Microsoft they cornered the market at a great time, and now millions of people suffer everyday.

So here is a little trick I came up with. (then again, this has probably already been done, and most likely been done better) I don’t consider this to be something to be used to much because it’s kind of a pain in the ass, but a handy trick to have under your belt.

The basic concept is using a blank.gif over a background image you want to make a link. The only reason you would ever really need this is if you can’t guarantee cross browser png support or you want to keep image load time down. maybe there are others but what ever.

Basically you just take the blank.gif and stretch it over what ever it is you want to make a link. There are obvious limits to this technique, but its helpful.

Here are the basics of an image. You could use a .class for these things if you like, or and #id.
< img src="" alt="" width="" height="" style="margin:;" / >

If you’re into php and WordPress here is a simple flexible function with some basic parameters to keep your typing down. (Honestly though I really only use this in special cases. I don’t advise using this on a large scale.)

spacing has been added to make this print…

function rlh_gif_($width=”,$height=”,$margin=”,$alt=”,$class=” ) {
$gif = get_bloginfo(‘url’ );
$gif .= ‘/wp-includes/images/blank.gif';
? >
< img src="< ?php echo $gif; ? >” alt=”< ?php echo $alt; ? >” width=”< ?php echo $width; ? >” height=”< ?php echo $height; ? >” style=”margin:< ?php echo $width; ? >;” class=”< ?php echo $class; ? >” / >
< ?php

Lots of Leaves

As we all know the leaves have fallen and their making their way into your storm drains and into rain gutters and with any luck a few of them will make their way into that little space under your windshield. (you know that spot under the wiper blades, there’s usually some black plastic and every now and then you actually open up the hood to your car and way up next to the windshield there’s a crap load of leaves. In fact it’s probably the only place under hood that you’ll actually clean.)


Here’s my dilemma… I have all these leaves and I’ve been told to sweep them into the creek… I still need to double check to find out if this is totally true, but the conversation went something like this.

guy: “I head that we aren’t supposed to make a pile.”
me: “What should I do then?”
guy: “Put them in the creek?”
me: “What? Sweep them into the creek?”
guy: “Yeah that’s what he said.”
me: “Well that’s to bad cause I’m not doing that.”
guy: “ok”

It was a fairly simple conversations, and honestly if I thought the creek could handle the leaves than would have chucked them in. Problem is this creek is usually empty most of the year so I just don’t see the leave going very far before they post up in someone back yard.

I need a better solution, I would burn them but apparently the guy next door burned his house down last year so I feel like people around here might be apposed to a burn pile…?? (maybe I’ll do a small one and see if anyone gets upset.)

I’ll let you know how this turns out.

My Plan to Stay Healthy this Winter

hand-over-stew.pngThrough out the last 5 years I think I’ve tested just about every scenario I can think of when it comes to what makes me sick and how I actually get sick.

What I found is that preventative measures are the way to go, and believe it or not they don’t involve any medicines of any kind. Just some good old-fashion food and natural sleep.

Here is what works for me….

since it’s different for every one…

  • Must Eat Breakfast, Bananas and OJ are good! ;-)
  • No more than 1 cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Must Eat some kind of Lunch (even if it’s just a sandwich)
  • Don’t go outside without clothes on… very important
  • Dinner is good to eat, warm dinner are really nice.
  • Water.Water.Water.Water.Water.Water.Water.
  • Avoid Yelling like going to a sporting event and your cheering your team on.
  • Avoid Coughing really hard. Just don’t do it.
  • Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.
  • Good Sleep is sleeping before 11pm and no later than 8am
  • Stay Warm.Stay Warm.Stay Warm.Stay Warm.Stay Warm.

Thats about it. I know some of these seem lame or ridiculous, “How am I not supposed to Cough really hard“, I don’t know but just don’t do it.

Questions About Church

Questions About ChurchI’ve always been a little curious about what God thinks about our worship songs.

You know how most of them seem to be us reasuring ourselves of His existence. I know that’s a cinical point of view and I don’t want to put that spin on this idea. I’m more or less womdering about the ideas behind worship music.

Make a joyfull noise right, and it’s an expresion of ones self. (or atleast the person who wrote the song) I think for me its more or less that I can’t just turn on worship mode. Its definitely something to warm up to.

Another thing that I often wonder about is what past generations would say about the production of a simple worship set up like the one above.

Any thoughts?

Go, Go, Go

start_nyc_marathon_vertical.jpgYou ever get that feeling were life is nothing but a huge marathon and you’re not really running to win?

I don’t mean that in a pessimistic way, I’m actually quite positive about it. The longer I keep running the more you realize it’s not that bad, even though there are those time where the guy next to you bumps into you and he’s all nasty and sweaty. (you know they guy thats covered in hair and seems to have just taken a bath in baby oil and salt)

I think the best way to keep it from becoming a rat race is to keep it steady and hold a pace. Don’t panic at the next hill and keep things on a level balance. I wish it was always as easy as I just made it sound, but it seems like a good plan.

Is that WP 2.7 ???

wplogo-notext-rgb.pngAs some of you know I’m huge WordPress fan and sort of a Dork about it, and many of you know that there is a huge update coming out soon. Could be this week, who knows??? None the less I decided to go ahead and update my blog and see what happens. Nothings happened…

I’m sure there are plenty of reasons to wait for the stable release to update a blog that has major worth and needs a good solid stable WP to run it, but not here. I’m usually running things about half mast, unfortunately I put all my time into other peoples work.

All the same, I can honestly say WP2.7 is going to be a great release. I’ve been building my themes with it for the last 3 weeks, since before the beta 1 release and now I can’t stand going into 2.6. In fact I just spent the last hour cleaning up my categories and using the “quick edit” options and “bulk edit” option.

Admin Navigation has been cut in half, How?… Now there is one click to get to widgets instead of two or possibly three. Upload and install Plugins strait from the Plugins page. (although the plugins search is still just as crap as ever so good luck with that outside of the most popular plugins) All pages are customizable with “Screen Options” and moveable pallets. Not to mention they got some handy little icons that are kinda nice.


I’ll admit there is always room for improvement and I can already think of a few, but I’m not about to bitch about such an awesome upgrade. :cool:

Winter Theme

layout-winter.jpgIt’s almost winter here, in fact the weather has shifted quite a bit and I felt the change so much I decided to find a new background image. Hope you like it.

Truth is, even though you may not be able to tell, this is actually a completely New Theme based on a Parent Child Structure I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. I’m really excited to see it develop. There is also one other feature I am trying out that you’ll see in the comments section. It’s a comment system running through Intense Debate.

At first it was a tough call between Intense Debate && Discus (which was recommended by Christopher Doherty of Lightvox) but scales were tipped when I remembered that Intense Debate is owned by Automattic.

Let me know what you think of the new comments section. I’m not totally sold on it yet, but I expect IntenseDebate to go through some serious overhauls through out the next year as WordPress and Automattic continue to gain speed.

These are My Ducks

These are My Ducks, Quackers and Ducksy… I know, real original…
Still you know you like it.

All the Same this post is dedicated to Posting Video from my phone through Flickr. Because you all know I need more ridiculous things to be posted on my blog.

A Bad Day for the Web

So where do you go when your Internet takes a crap and you really need to make some emails or work on a site that needs a good FTP Connection. Well, if you’re in Franklin, Tn you go to Merridees or Maxximo Jo’s. So here I am and wouldn’t you know it, the site I need access to is doing some re-configuring and I can’t connect to it via FTP.

I suppose you can call it a mandatory break from work.