wplogo-notext-rgb.pngAs some of you know I’m huge WordPress fan and sort of a Dork about it, and many of you know that there is a huge update coming out soon. Could be this week, who knows??? None the less I decided to go ahead and update my blog and see what happens. Nothings happened…

I’m sure there are plenty of reasons to wait for the stable release to update a blog that has major worth and needs a good solid stable WP to run it, but not here. I’m usually running things about half mast, unfortunately I put all my time into other peoples work.

All the same, I can honestly say WP2.7 is going to be a great release. I’ve been building my themes with it for the last 3 weeks, since before the beta 1 release and now I can’t stand going into 2.6. In fact I just spent the last hour cleaning up my categories and using the “quick edit” options and “bulk edit” option.

Admin Navigation has been cut in half, How?… Now there is one click to get to widgets instead of two or possibly three. Upload and install Plugins strait from the Plugins page. (although the plugins search is still just as crap as ever so good luck with that outside of the most popular plugins) All pages are customizable with “Screen Options” and moveable pallets. Not to mention they got some handy little icons that are kinda nice.


I’ll admit there is always room for improvement and I can already think of a few, but I’m not about to bitch about such an awesome upgrade. :cool: