WordCamp 2012 April 21 at Watkins College

For the past two months I’ve been working away all my spare time helping to organize Nashville’s first WordCamp. It’s been a huge learning experience for me really, I’ve never coordinated an event before. Our team was put together from a group of dedicated local meetup members and a few very helpful staff members from WordCamp Central.

The event this year is being held April 21st @ Watkins College or Art, Design & Film as they were generous enough to sponsor us and let us use their campus as the venue. It’s a great campus that instantly took me back to my college days as a TA and lab tech. Miss those days :p

We have two tracks this year, a User Tack and Developer Track. A little for everyone really, and we have a great sessions planned for each. Check out the Schedule. I know for a fact that I’ll walk away with more information than I can possible retain! It’s aways a good feeling when that happens! We’ll also be handing out cool t-shirt, stickers & wp-swag at registration, though I aways feel a little weird wearing a WordPress t-shirt it’s a really cool design!

We expect to sell out by the day of the event so if you find yourself here thinking, “Maybe I should go?”, well, you should! I guarantee if you’re thinking about using WordPress or you already use it, this is for you. No matter what level you are there will be something for you, even if it’s just the after party!

Yep that’s right we’re having after party where we can all get together and mingle to talk about the cool things we’re working on and other random things. And above all, drink some beer. Hope you can make it out and if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet you most definitely should. We’ll be ordering our shirts soon and you don’t want to accidentally get a x-small if you need x-large :p

Get your tickets here »

Oembed as Post Meta – WordPress Code

I feel as though recently I’m always blabbing to my peers about Oembed. Seems this is a typical thing for me to blab about the latest code I’m working on :p I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but I’m probably like that old man that just keeps repeating the same thing over and over! I know I will be him!!

Anyway, here is an example plugin that I put together from my core theme that utilized WordPress WP_oEmbed() class. There is a basic metabox class that houses a field for the video url. On “save_post” it will take the url and run it through WP_oEmbed() and return the data. It will save the url and the video thumbnail as custom fields as well as the full data array returned. (Currently only vimeo and youtube are guaranteed to pull thumbnails, it really depends on the service, but the full data array is stored so you know it exists.)

The reason I built this was so that the users could have a pseudo featured video, plus it provided it’s own image. This version is a demo plugin since I’ll be the alternate speaker at WordCamp Nashville 2012.

Here is the code, have fun and let me know if you see any errors. ps github always messes with tabs so sorry if it’s all out of whack

has_children() WordPress Function

For the longest time I’ve been waiting from WordPress to build this function, but they seem to be busy building awesome things like Custom Post Types, Menus & other Admin features! Truthfully, I should just write the function myself and submit it! I’ve always been afraid to submit to the core.

Anyway, here is a function called has_children. It checks if any posts are using the given post_id as post_parent. There is a post_type paramater so that you can be specific.

Pre Photo Journal

Last week I found a way to get my old harddrives connected, so there was much browsing to be done. I found exactly what I was expecting, old personal photos and my archive of scanned negatives.

In the middle of 2008 I bought a phone that had a usable camera and a way to send it to my computer with out spending 25 cense to email it. I’ve had a digital camera since 2001, but pulling out your camera and taking a picture is so different than just using your phone. (i could babble about this of a while), anyway… I don’t seem to have any photo records from beyond 2005, at least none I’ve found. They are probably on some cd hiding out in a closet.

The story continues, 2008 I started posting my photos to flickr in an attempt to put my photos on-line with out dealing with some custom gallery. I filled up my free 200 photos in about 2-3 months and decided to buy the pro package. Since 2008 I’ve uploaded over 2500 photos of random shit and daily life! The best part is, it’s for me, so it doesn’t have to be awesome. It’s a journal not a photographers journey, I’m not a photographer.

Here is a link to my Pre Photo Journal pics. Hope you enjoy some totally random crap. You’ll actually find more photos of people.


Wikiup Oregon 2007