facebook.pngmyspace.pngI think we can all agree that FaceBook is way cooler than MySpace and there is quite possibly a good use to it. In fact I actually use FaceBook where as MySpace has never really been a thing for me.

There was always too much stuff everywhere and it just seemed easier to email than login. FaceBook on the other hand is really only a few steps ahead of MySpace and it’s only a little bit better.

Reality seems to be this. Most people are treating FaceBook just like they treated MySpace, and now have way to many things coming through to keep track of. People here and People there, and “oh my gosh that chick from HS, ah Crap! I’m not talking to that person…” Ignore

Have you let your FaceBook become another overly social attempt to stay connected with every person that you’ve ever known? So hey, if you find me on FaceBook and I ignore you, don’t take it personal. I’m just keeping things under control.

(and don’t you find it interesting that myspace has coined a description much like nintendo did back in the late 80’s)