Crazy dream about the end of the world pic

Crazy dream about the end of the world

We had survived 90% of what we thought was the z-apoc, things had toned down to a merging of people on a central location. Weapons were drying up and not much was left in terms of defense, but they had stopped coming in droves so their was a little breathing room.

It happened fast and it was less of what we feared and more of what we didn’t know or expect. He came with his team, a crew or perhaps just what he had accumulated or created. He opened or hole in the middle of grand ballroom as if there was a small tunnel that connected directly to the center of space. Instantly all the air in the building, or what seemed like the building started to rush out like a scene from a movie. This was a dream so even more so, I was swept up off my feet and hurdled toward an unknown void. I caught the rim of the role with my hands realizing that it wasn’t so much the intention to suck all the air out as it was just making a connection. As I held on I felt the draw lessen and came back down to my feet.

I ran, not in terror or fear but what seemed liked instinct. I made a partner who seemed to be on top of her game, someone who seemed to know how to carry herself despite the odd rule this man brought down.

We made our move one night at the front gate as a team returned. We were pretending to be picking up guns and other weapons left over from the death.

A large monsters appeared as if they it was a building that had been taken over by an organic compound with the ability to utilize any matter to mold it’s being. Shape didn’t matter. It would sprout appendages and it would begin to move.

That’s when I realized that the this man did not just open a hole, but some something more. Did something come through, or perhaps the hole was a final connection of what had already¬†arrived¬† I mean shit we had just seen the fall of the human race, we thought it was over, but somethings else was just beginning.

More bullets of the story:

  • Refusing to be captured
  • Conversion of people to monsters
  • Running
  • Finding temporary shelter
  • They can’t always tell that your their if hide well enough
  • Still finding zombies here and there
  • Found an old furniture store where we met an old lady I thought was a zombie was just an old lady