Wikiup Oregon 2007 Randy Hicks

Pre Photo Journal

Last week I found a way to get my old harddrives connected, so there was much browsing to be done. I found exactly what I was expecting, old personal photos and my archive of scanned negatives.

In the middle of 2008 I bought a phone that had a usable camera and a way to send it to my computer with out spending 25 cense to email it. I’ve had a digital camera since 2001, but pulling out your camera and taking a picture is so different than just using your phone. (i could babble about this of a while), anyway… I don’t seem to have any photo records from beyond 2005, at least none I’ve found. They are probably on some cd hiding out in a closet.

The story continues, 2008 I started posting my photos to flickr in an attempt to put my photos on-line with out dealing with some custom gallery. I filled up my free 200 photos in about 2-3 months and decided to buy the pro package. Since 2008 I’ve uploaded over 2500 photos of random shit and daily life! The best part is, it’s for me, so it doesn’t have to be awesome. It’s a journal not a photographers journey, I’m not a photographer.

Here is a link to my Pre Photo Journal pics. Hope you enjoy some totally random crap. You’ll actually find more photos of people.

Wikiup Oregon 2007