Web App Wednesday – WordPress

This is Web App Wednesday, for those who see this and are wondering… This is the one post I do a week that lets me talk about Web Apps that I’m into. More or less this weekly post keeps me from blabbing about Web stuff all the time.

wordpress-logo.gifThis week I’m going to talk a little about WordPress, I’m absolutely in love with this platform. As a PHP, MySQL driven Content Management System, WordPress is one of the few platforms that allows us simpletons to publish web content with relative ease.

Yesterday was the 5th B-Day of WordPress so if you’re a user than slap a high five in the air for that. I think there is a lot to be said for a platform that offers itself for free. Not to mention the fact that you can self host, be hosted via WordPress.com, or if your extra ordinary you can do a Multi User WordPress thingy… I’m not sure how to explain that last one except that you’re able to host multiple blogs from one administration panel on a self hosted account. (i honestly don’t think that last line counts as techno babble)

The real reason I’m all in pansies over WordPress this week is that I finally developed a full fledged plugin that interacts with the database and offers editing. Simply create a page and type [list_badges] in the content area and blamo there you have your results.

Yipty dippty doo, right!!!? This is exciting for me simply because now I am one huge step closer to being able to offer something to the public… (although I probably wont any time soon)

Here’s the skinny,,,

My honest opinion is this. Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Habari, b2evolution, Moveable Type and the like are setting a new standard for the web. It’s amazing, cool, and I’m happy about it.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to group over at header_logo.png and say a HUGE THANKS!!!! You’ve made the web gods happy… oh and me too…